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The discrimination against the Panzi Hospital; assests seized.

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For Immediate Release Contact: Elizabeth Blackney, 541.390.1913, STATEMENT FROM DR. DENIS MUKWEGE ON ASSET SEIZURE (LOS ANGELES, CA) Below is a statement from Dr. Denis Mukwege, Founder of the Panzi Hospital and Foundations, in his capacity as the Medical Director. The statement was read by Dr. Mukwege during a press conference at the hospital. The original French language statement is also available. “On December 31, 2014, the staff of Reference Panzi General Hospital went on strike and took the initiative to organize a peaceful demonstration outside the building of the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI) to denounce the following: 1. The discrimination against the Hospital. Panzi Hospital is a medical facility integrated within the health system of the Democratic Republic of Congo and holds status as a General Reference Hospital. Its employees are therefore agents of the State and, like other personnel of general reference hospitals in the DRC, …


Two And A Half Miles Launches

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Mobilizing Men is an initiative of Two and a Half Miles. It is about a movement of men who commit to live a life of integrity, defend women and children who are exploited in the evil of sexual slavery, and act to change one life at a time. It is an opportunity for men to stand up and take their rightful place as protector. It is time for men to unify and declare that it is wrong to sell a child or woman for sex. Mobilizing Men is men in action. Until we address the root cause of selling individuals for sex, then this epidemic cannot truly be impacted. Demand drives supply. When demand is taken out of the equation, supply will not be needed. Mobilizing Men will stand to take accountability in the root cause of the issue of sexual slavery: demand. We exist to educate, equip and empower …

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